Velodrome (Tana Lawn®)

  • 219,00 kr
    Stykpris pr. 

Velodrome cyklister / cykler (forklædt som geometrisk mønster).

The Liberty Champions collection celebrates the thrills, spills and epic highs of competitive sports, paying homage to the Sports Day events that were once held for the Liberty community by our founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty on the grounds of his Lee Manor country estate in Buckinghamshire. The design team searched the archive to discover accounts and photographs of these fun-filled sports competitions, translating their findings into colourful new designs brimming with vitality and movement – look closer to discover a colourful camo formed from the blur of faces in a crowd, or little golf clubs and tee flags hidden within a classic mirrored Art Nouveau layout. 100% bomuld i Tana Lawn-serien, som er Liberty's lette, bløde og silkeagtige vævede bomuld (Øko-Tex certificeret). Stoffet har en bredde på 136 cm, og vejer kun 76 gram/m2. Vaskes ved 40 grader.